Our Philosophy in fundraising is fairly simple.

We like gaining business through word of mouth because that means we’re doing something right. We are honest, straight shooters that like to have fun. We know no one likes doing a fundraiser, so we do our best to make it fun and painless, and, most of all, profitable. We figure, if you’re going to do a fundraiser, why not do it the right way and “all in”, so to speak



Here at ACE Fundraising, we offer a wide variety of products to help make your fundraiser a success. Check them out and check out our program page to learn about our process.


How does it work you ask?

It’s really not that difficult. However, we have seen that it usually takes MORE work to do it incorrectly than to do it right.

  • Upon contacting us, we will ask you a few questions. We will get things figured out as to which product will suit you the best. Depending on that product, we may need pictures, schedules, or a few other items to help customize your product.
  • We will work on a Start Date and Time. Normally, at the start, we will come and talk to your group of sellers to help explain the product and the process and answer any questions. Sometimes, depending on time, we will simply mail cards to you to get things going.
  • Once the sale gets started, it really is in the hands of your sellers. We will recommend that you sell for one to two weeks max. Any fundraiser that goes longer than two weeks just gets stale.
  • At the end of the selling period, we will schedule either a “Blitz” or a turn-in date. A Blitz is a 3 hour time frame where all sellers will go out and sell any unsold items or sell more. This is done to help end the sale and have a strong finish.

“Jason has led the fundraising for Ames High Soccer for over a decade now. Each Blitz night we do brings in thousands of dollars to help run and sustain our competitive program. He is an advocate for our program and our athletes. He is also a fan. Once you use this program, you will never have a reason to look anywhere else again. It provides a quality product that people want and continue to ask for. It is quickly enacted and it brings in the money you need.”

Chad Zmolek, Ames High School - Head Boys Soccer Coach